Monday, August 07, 2006

Sheepy love

I finished my first Estonian sock puppet! The pattern can be found in the latest issue of Spin-Off. Although the pattern called for about 1 oz of each color, I ended up using almost 2 oz - this because no matter how hard I tried (and I did, I really really did), the Shetland I spun on my Cascabeles and Emily spindles just did not come out at 15 wpi. More like 12 wpi. But I went ahead & knitted the sheep puppet on size 1s anyway - I figure with a kid like mine, this puppet better be bombproof, and it's so tightly knitted that it probably is.

I was going to put the puppet away until Christmas (this was ostensibly a Christmas gift for my son), but dh convinced me to give it to Ian right away. I was glad I did, for his face lit up when he saw it, he cried "sheep puppet!" and he had to immediately try it on, as the following pix show.

Here is Ian doing his best to make sure the sheep makes it into the picture.

In this one, Ian and dh are playing with the puppet.

And here Ian is giving his puppet a kiss. What a cutie!

Now that I've finished the puppet, it's time to start knitting two-end mittens from Homespun Handknit for my mil for Christmas, using more of this lovely Shetland.