Saturday, July 01, 2006

Believe it or not...

I *have* been knitting. Kind of a lot, in fact. But with the long, drawn-out move and the placing of all our belongings (including my beloved stash!) into long-term storage, there's been no way for me to post. So now here I am breaking the silence, to announce that...drumroll...I still don't know where the connector cable is for our digital camera, so I can't post any pix of what I've been doing. :( Sigh. But hey, we're *almost* completely unpacked now...

Anyway, I'm simultaneously finishing my pair of log cabin socks, knit in luscious Jaeger Chamonix (why oh why did they discontinue this yarn?!) and working on Dave's river forest gansey, in a yarn I've grown quite fond of, from Blackwater Abbey. And I've been spinning a lot too - some yummy hand-dyed yearling from Fun With Yarn.

Pix to follow.


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