Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random thoughts

Wow, been a looooong time since I posted on blogger. Guess I don't really need 2 blogs. Especially since I haven't been posting on the other one either. Sigh. If only I could go without sleep, I could get so much more done. (How many working moms have said that over the years?) Anyway, my knitting progresses. What knitting, you might ask. Well, since I last posted here, I have become both a knitter *and* spinner. In other words, I've found the perfect method of procrastination re the writing of my dissertation (which, incidentally, needs to be completed - COMPLETED - and defended - in, oh, two months. Back to the whole non-sleeping idea...) But who needs a PhD when you can knit your own darn socks & sweaters?? (yeah, yeah, those who want to actually get a JOB after more years in college than a sane person would admit to).

Anyway...I've finished Dave's Jayne hat (I'll post pix later when I find the darn camera) and Ian's super-cute earflap cap & mittens (see previous comment re pix). And I broke down & bought a Debbie Bliss baby patterns book (don't know why I have this prejudice against Debbie Bliss, I just do) - just for one pattern, a super-cute double-breasted jacket, which I plan on knitting for Ian in yarn that coordinates with his hat (2 colors of Jamieson's Shetland DK) and mittens. Then I'll need to knit him a striped scarf using both colors, and a pair of pants using the contrast color for the jacket (aka the main color for the hat) - and then he'll have an entire ensemble! Nope, got no time to waste writing a dissertation, no siree bob. There's knitting that needs to be done. Oh, and I need to finish my mil's log cabin sock (yeah, yeah, and knit the second one) - and I'd love to start working on my Duncan pullover from Jamieson's Shetland Knitting 1. Why the hell didn't I start knitting years ago????!!! Question: is spending time imagining all the things one *could* have knitted if one had begun earlier (e.g. Kaffe Fassett designs using the original Rowan yarns - whimper, sob, moan) a sign of obsessive behavior, or merely a sane and logical reaction to time wasted on education, work, socializing, sleep, and other unnecessary activities? Discuss.


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