Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well, I dyed my first mandala - on a birdseye flat. It turned out pretty nice, though I found out afterward that I didn't do it properly. I think I'm going to try again on my last playsilk. What I learned from this one: I really need to get syringes to inject the dye b/c it's too hard to control the rate of flow with squirt bottles.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Well, I learned a couple of things these past few days.

1) I need to either modify my diaper pattern to change the snap placement (either by offsetting the snaps, or by removing one of the thigh snaps on each side) or I need to give up on the idea of hidden snaps. It just leads to too many serging mistakes that are completely avoidable. No wonder so many WAHMs have exposed snaps.

2) When dyeing prefolds using LWI, no matter how many layers of fabric there are, greatly reduce the amount of dye you're using if you don't want deep, dark colors.

Hopefully no-one is going to read these pages, b/c they're just for me - a kind of ongoing notepad of sewing, dyeing, and knitting experiments, successes, failures, and adjustments. So if you're not me, stop reading - this will probably not interest you. 'Nuff said.